Get Ready to Record
How to Record Your Video
It's easy! You can use a web camera or a video camera.
Here's the Technical Stuff
File Types Accepted:  .MOV
  Maximum Length: 2min
Maximum File Size: 2GB
Preferred Format: HD 16x9 aspect ratio
What to Put in Your Video
• Name & Occupation
• Where you attended Head Start
• A favorite Head Start memory
• A statement about the importance of Head Start in your life
• Make a closing statement about why Head Start is important.
Before You Press Record
• Check your image to make sure we can see your face (is the screen dark?).
• Make sure your audio is good. Record in a quiet room and use an external microphone.
• Make a test recording.
• Review your talking points and have a plan for what you are going to say.
Now That You've Created Your Story...

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